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Black Gold


  • Who said heart shaped cake must be girly and pinkish? We believe a black and gold combination makes a cake looking super cool. Using the chocolate spray technique, we create a super thin charcoal coating outside the delicate mousse. Finely piped chocolate ganache are adorned with hand-painted gold edible rose buds.
  • Triple Chocolate: Using premium French chocolate Valrhona’s dark cocoa powder, Belgian Chocolate Callebaut’s roasted cocoa nibs, dark and milk chocolate, pure vanilla extract and Italian Mascarpone cheese, we have created a perfect chocolate mousse cake including moist chocolate sponges, dark chocolate crémeux, caramelized cacao nibs, milk chocolate mousse and vanilla Mascarpone mousse. A chocolate lover’s celebration cake!
  • Earl Grey Caramel Walnuts (Contains Nuts): Calling for tea lovers! A masterpiece of complex textures, a gathering of everyone’s favorite ingredients. This is layered with earl grey sponge cake, demi-sec salt caramel sauce, candied walnuts, earl grey bavarian cream, and vanilla mascarpone mousse. Each of these should be different but work well together for an overall delicious flavor.