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LNY Special - Strawberry Velvet Mini Box


This luscious Lunar New Years mini box cake is made with Red Velvet Light Chiffon Cake, a classic Cream Cheese Chantilly Cream, Strawberry Jam, and a Light Strawberry Cheese Chantilly Cream, drizzled with edible gold dust & flakes on top! Enjoy this delectable cake to ring in a joyous new year!
What makes this dessert special is that it's not your traditional American red velvet cake, but a lighter and healthier version. According to our bakery chef Sunny who loves innovating, the whole dessert is lightly sweetened and not as heavy; she also added some strawberry jam in between layers to add some tartness, in contrasts with the sweetness from Chantilly cream and also makes the flavor more multidimensional. If you love a fun twist on classic recipe, definitely don't miss this one!

Please enjoy within 3 days of storage in the fridge for optimal flavor.