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Galaxy - Star Sign


  • Mirror glaze technique with unique deep blue galaxy effect. What makes this design special is that the twelve star signs of Zodiacal Constellations are hand drawn and only available during corresponding months.
  • StrawberryUsing Moist vanilla sponge, organic strawberry jam spread, creamy and vanilla crémeux, delightful vanilla Mascarpone mousse and strawberry mousse made with real strawberry coulis.
  • Earl Grey Caramel Walnuts (Contains Nuts): Calling for tea lovers! A masterpiece of complex textures, a gathering of everyone’s favorite ingredients. This is layered with earl grey sponge cake, demi-sec salt caramel sauce, candied walnuts, earl grey bavarian cream, and vanilla mascarpone mousse. Each of these should be different but work well together for an overall delicious flavor.